A Beginner’s Guide to Solo Female Backpacking & Camping

Blonde woman in plaid shirt walking on a trail next to a river in the background. Text reads "A Beginner's Guide to Solo Female Backpacking & Camping with Alisha McDarris". White Nomadic Network logo on right side.

The whisper of wind in the trees, the magical cascade of leaves cartwheeling to the ground in the fall, the fresh smell of pine in a sunny meadow, a cool dip in an alpine lake, a sky full of stars like you’ve never seen, the thrill of spotting a deer or mountain goat (or, heck, even an armadillo) in the woods along the trail, waking to wildflowers just outside the door of your tent….

This is the ethereal joy of backpacking in the wilderness, and all of it can be yours when you ditch urban...

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