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About Us

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The Nomadic Network is an online travel community aimed at bringing people together. The mission of The Nomadic Network is simple:

We want to create a global community of travel-enthusiasts who support and inspire one another to travel better, cheaper, and longer. 

As community facilitators, we strive to provide the travelers in our region with the tools and knowledge to enable them to confidently plan global adventures. Whether a short jaunt to a nearby city or an indefinite round-the-world trip, The Nomadic Network is here to help the world travel more — one nomad at a time.

We host events online and in cities all around the world. From small coffee shop chats and brunches to full-on travel presentations and panel discussions, The Nomadic Network does it all to help you plan your trip, meet fellow travelers, and get inspired to explore the world.

Every traveler needs a community

Stepping out the door into the wild unknown can be a daunting task, and planning such a trip can be overwhelming without the proper know-how.

Additionally, every traveler that has come back from a trip also needs a community.

Reverse culture shock is something that a lot of travelers deal with. When you choose to make a decision that goes against the grain of your peers, it can feel isolating (even after you’ve proven that it’s possible by actually doing it). Just think, when you came back from one of your first trips (or any trip for that matter) did any of these thoughts ever cross your mind?

Sometimes, it’s just as hard to get going again even after you have taken your first trip! If you don’t have supportive people encouraging you on, it’s easy to slip back into normal life (even if you try your hardest not to).

The Nomadic Network is a place for people to connect, share, learn, and make travel-loving friends.


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Nomadic Matt, Founder

The Nomadic Network was created by Matthew Kepnes aka Nomadic Matt.

After a trip to Thailand in 2005, Matt decided to quit his job, finish his MBA, and head off into the world. His original trip was supposed to last a year. Over a decade (and nearly 100 countries) later, he is still out roaming the world. He scuba dived in Fiji, was a poker player in Amsterdam, taught English in Thailand, got lost in a jungle in Central America, and broke down in the middle of Australia's outback.

His writings and advice have been featured in The New York Times, CNN, The Guardian UK, Lifehacker, Budget Travel, BBC, Time, Yahoo! Finance and countless other publications. He also regularly speaks at travel trade and consumer shows, led yearly group tours worldwide, and launched a non-profit called FLYTE, which sends students overseas to bring their classroom experience to life. He is also the founder of the travel media school, Superstar Blogging, and of the TravelCon travel media conference. When not traveling the world, he lives in Austin.

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Erica Virvo, Director of Events

Erica has been on the Nomadic Matt team since I returned home in 2013. Her passion for teaching others to travel the world keeps me excited to work with Nomadic Matt. She is extremely extroverted and loves putting together events for the travelers of today, and tomorrow!

Erica has been traveling all across the globe since she was 20 and moved to Doha to finish her degree. After that, she taught English in northeastern Thailand and South Korea, farmed on St Vincent, worked with farming cooperatives in Zambia, and has spent extended periods of time working remotely in Vietnam, Cambodia, Dubai, Costa Rica, the UK, and South Africa.

Erica loves getting to know people as she travels. She loves sitting with families at their kitchen table eating and laughing, gushing with friends about our dating lives, cooking together, studying, farming, creating alongside each other, attending festivals, and weddings. Through the Nomadic Network, Erica is able to engage with travelers from all over the world — it’s perfect.


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Everyone is welcome here! As long as you’re 18 and older, you can be a member. You can be anyone, from anywhere, who does anything. The one real requirement is that you LOVE travel. Things you can do here:


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While our program is free, a lot of work goes into making it happen. If you’d like to help keep these events going, please check out our Patreon community where you can get untold travel stories, weekly Q&As, free guides, courses, and replays of all our events we've ever done!

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