We are The Nomadic Network (TNN), a tour company created for true travel enthusiasts. We specialize in crafting intimate, small group tours to breathtaking destinations, bringing like-minded adventurers together and creating unforgettable global connections.

Our team of passionate travelers has meticulously crafted exciting group itineraries that go beyond the usual tourist spots, immersing you in the vibrant culture of each destination. With our extensive local connections, you’ll gain a genuine sense of the people and their traditions. Imagine dining with locals, uncovering hidden gems in unique neighborhoods, and enjoying exclusive activities that only we can offer.

At TNN, we believe travel is about building meaningful connections with new people and cultures, bringing the world closer together. We provide outstanding quality experiences while staying budget-focused, ensuring you get the most value out of your journey. Our group tours are designed to offer a truly enriching and authentic travel experience. Join us for a Nomadic Network adventure and discover what it truly means to travel!

How We Started

So many of us budget-conscious travel enthusiasts are cut from the same cloth. You love a great adventure! You are also likely enthusiastic about booking flights with points, finding the best street food, locating that lesser-known waterfall, or giving tips about awesome house-sitting destinations. You’re very often solo travelers who book your trips independently. You’re also sometimes the only “traveler” in your sphere at home. And that can get lonely.

In 2019, we saw a great need, and we set out to build a travel community. Our aim was to bring travelers together – to create a worldwide network of like-minded travel enthusiasts. We started by creating chapters that hosted meetups in different cities each month. When the pandemic struck in 2020, we moved that community online through virtual events aimed at helping travelers satiate their travel bug while stuck at home. During those virtual events and at in-person meetups when we could gather again, you asked, “when can we all travel together?”

So, in 2022, we started running group tours.

As they say, the rest is history. We now run tours to destinations including Oaxaca, Italy, Costa Rica, Western Europe, Jordan, Central Europe, Mexico City, Romania, Turkey, Yucatan, Morocco, and beyond!

With so many rave reviews from our tours, we’ve been able to invest more to take even bigger, more incredible, bucket-list-worthy, off-the-beaten-path destinations. We’ve heard your feedback wanting to explore the world with like-minded travelers, and we’re here to make that happen!

Our 2025 tours are available now, and we can’t wait to embark on these adventures with you soon!

After all, like Helen Keller famously said, “life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

Meet Our Team

Lisa Field, CEO

Since TNN’s inception in 2019, Lisa has been a contributor to the organization across various roles. As a speaker, facilitator, company representative, and founding leader of the Portland, Oregon Chapter, she has been a big part of TNN’s vision. Now, in her new leadership role, Lisa’s tenacity, business acumen, and enthusiasm for travel continue to guide TNN’s community forward!

Her passion for travel ignited at age 15 while watching a film set in Santorini, Greece. This led to a lifetime of exploring new destinations and diverse cultures. While Greece remains close to her heart, Lisa has since traveled to Portugal, Japan, France, Switzerland, Dominican Republic, Italy, Palau, Costa Rica, Mexico, and more, either for recreation or while volunteering on medical mission trips as a scrub tech for cataract surgeries. Lisa loves researching destinations, uncovering local tips and deals, and making the most of every travel experience while avoiding typical tourist traps. For her, the joy of travel lies in meeting people, getting to know them, and being welcomed into their worlds—always striving to leave a positive, lasting impression.

Experienced in leading group tours and project management, with an education in Interior Architecture, Lisa is outgoing, creative, and truly loves connecting with people. She enjoys the outdoors and has led many local women’s hiking and snowshoe tours around the Pacific Northwest where she resides. Lisa and Dave have raised two amazing daughters who also share a passion for travel.

Erica Virvo Hackman, Consultant

Erica’s passionate about teaching others to travel the world – in a “more local” way and worked with Nomadic Matt for a decade. She is extremely extroverted and a self-proclaimed super connector. Erica worked with Nomadic Matt to create The Nomadic Network back in 2019. She ran hundreds of meetups in person and virtually as the Director of this thriving travel community and was the source of so many meaningful connections between. She became close to Lisa Field during her time with TNN and was amazed by her enthusiasm for anything and everything travel and traveler related. Eventually she helped set up and run the first 25 TNN tours to locations all over the world. After a decade in the travel blogging industry, Erica has made a name for herself. Her budget travel advice has been featured in Forbes (twice!), on a number of podcasts, blog posts, and travel conference stages. 

Her travel experience includes living in Qatar, northeastern Thailand, South Korea, St Vincent & the Grenadines, Zambia, and in the mountains of Costa Rica. While working full-time, she worked remotely in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Dubai, Costa Rica, the UK, South Africa, and Ghana. Now, Erica’s based in Virginia and winters in Ghana with her husband and two tiny children.

Timathea Workman, Tour Leader

Timathea is an award-winning writer, photographer, international speaker, and beloved writing coach who splits her time between helping people achieve their writing dreams, leading writing retreats and international group tours, bringing solar lamps to people around the world who have no access to electricity, exploring North America in her camper van, and of course, writing about the world she discovers on her adventures.

Before focusing on travel and writing full-time, she taught English and writing in high school, middle school, and college extension programs. She has also worked as a freelance journalist, tour manager and album cover designer for rock bands, ghostwriter for A-List actors on major motion pictures, and special effects researcher at Lucasfilm. 

She lives in Los Angeles with her musician husband, artist son, three cats and two rescue pigeons, and has explored 57 countries, 6 continents, and all but one of the US states.


Annie Sisson, Administrative Rockstar

Back in 2008, Annie took her first overseas trip with less than twenty-four hours’ notice and fell head over heels in love with the world. Since then, she’s learned how to create unique and meaningful experiences without breaking the bank. She’s always on the lookout for off-beat adventures, tasty treats, and natural wonders. Connecting with people in the places she visits and making friends around the world, is fuel for her extroverted heart. Most of her travels have taken her across the European continent, from the West Fjords of Iceland to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. She’s a travel planning pro and loves to share her knowledge to help others see the world.

Annie has worked with TNN for years now, and through this role and her writing, she helps others find new places and ways to explore. Over the years, she’s built a location-independent life that allows her to work from anywhere in the world. When she’s not traveling abroad, you’ll likely find her in the forest with her tree friends. She loves to explore around her adopted hometown of Olympia, Washington, and the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. You can find out more about her and her work at intothebold.com.

Laura Cox, Travel Pro

Laura has always been fascinated with travel, but it wasn’t until her study abroad semester in Sevilla, Spain and then her 1.5 years of working in Prague, Czechia, did her love for travel grow. She has since made a goal to travel to 80 countries by the time she is 80 years old and has currently visited 71 countries on her own, and 59 with her teens. She is documenting her journey via her blog and IG page, Travel 80 by 80, to inspire others to see the world. While she continues to provide tips, guides and advice on her blog for those looking to plan their own adventures, she is also a travel advisor and has helped many clients travel the world by offering customized itineraries to best suit their own travel styles.

Laura strives to immerse in the culture of a country, connect with the locals, visit lesser-known destinations, have an adventure, and most importantly, find joy in every destination she travels to. She joined TNN in 2019 as a San Diego Chapter Leader and continued her involvement as a host with virtual and in-person events.  She currently lives in San Diego with her husband and two teens and is always up for the next travel adventure!