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Become a Chapter Leader

Calling all travel enthusiasts who are ready to step into a leadership role and be a travel ambassador in their local communities!

Do you have a passion for traveling and love having conversations about it?

Do you enjoy building community and making friends who are just as inspired and adventurous as you are?

Are you often accused of “always vacationing” by the people in your life?

Do you like giving out travel tips and advice and inspiring people to take that dream trip?

If you answered “yes” to any of those statements, you might be the perfect person to become a Chapter Leader in your community! 

What’s a Chapter Leader?

Chapter Leaders have a passion for travel. They’re community facilitators who strive to bring people together and create memorable experiences for everyone. Chapter Leaders put together fun events and meet-ups where they live, for people to get together and share their travel stories and perhaps plan for new adventures together. They are travel ambassadors in their local community, promoting the TNN mission, which is to help everyone travel cheaper, better, longer, and more often!

With your team, you’ll partner with local venues and organizations to put on events and grow your community of travel lovers.

What do these gatherings look like?

They could be chats at cafes, picnics, group hikes, local bar hangouts, and other fun activities. You choose the event and we feature it on our website and help you promote it!

Once you’re a part of our network, you will be part of the TNN team and have travel friends from all over! Our events often create new friendships and a deep sense of community with others who share the same passion as you. 

So, what are we looking for in our Chapter Leaders? 

We want leaders who have:

  • A genuine passion for all things travel-related
  • An outgoing personality and engaging attitude
  • Familiarity with their city (or a willingness to learn and explore)
  • Experience organizing events (or a commitment to learning how)
  • Full vaccination status (due to venue requirements)
  • Strong values when it comes to diversity and inclusivity

What does it mean to be a TNN Chapter Leader?

Chapter Leaders will aim to host around 8-12 TNN gatherings in their area per year. The frequency of these will depend on the size and interest of the community.

Chapter Leaders won’t be alone, of course. Besides having another Chapter Leader that can take over when you’re not in town, TNN’s Chapter Director will be working with you every step of the way to plan awesome, exciting, and engaging travel events. But ultimately, you’re the local leader, expert, and representative for The Nomadic Network. If you get chosen, it’s because we believe in you! You’ll let us know what you need and how TNN should look in your area.

What’s involved in setting up a TNN event?

  • Finding a venue (we’ll provide support as needed)
  • Occasionally finding a local speaker or presenter (we can help with this)
  • Sharing the event with your community a few weeks before it happens and building hype (we’ll also feature you and your event on our website)
  • Documenting the event through photos and videos for the rest of us to see how it went
  • Communicating with TNN staff: you’ll occasionally participate in Chapter Leader-specific events. These include check-ins, as well as networking and training sessions for Chapter Leaders. We also have hangouts so you can meet and network with others from around the world who helping to lead TNN too!

Benefits of being a TNN Chapter Leader

This is a volunteer position, so you won’t get paid. However, by taking on a Chapter Leader position, you can get many benefits, which include the following:

  • Making a difference in your community
  • Being a part of The Nomadic Network and Nomadic Matt team (and discounts to all of our events)
  • Having a new group of travel-obsessed friends in your area
  • The opportunity to lead and level up your expert status in your area’s travel community
  • Connecting with inspiring speakers and presenters
  • Improving your leadership and organizational skills
  • Free training in events management
  • Great volunteer experience to add to your resume (with an official TNN Letter of Recommendation after one year)

There are two paths to becoming a Chapter Leader

1. Join an existing chapter

We already have many chapters set up around the US and in other parts of the world including NYC, Denver, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, New Orleans, Monterey, London, Singapore, and many other cities.

Find all of our active TNN chapters listed here.

If we have an existing chapter in your area, it’s likely that there is already at least one Chapter Leader and an existing community in your area, which is great.

By applying to be a Chapter Leader, you would be joining a robust team that will help train you and get you ready to lead super fun events with people who adore traveling!

2. Create your own chapter

If you don’t see your area listed, then this is a great opportunity for you to step into a high level of leadership and create a new chapter in your area!

This will take a higher level of commitment, but you will still have the full support of TNN, the TNN Chapter Director, and other Chapter Leaders.

You’ll be trained in leading, recruiting other Chapter Leaders, scouting venues, and sharing the events within your community. We’re looking for visionaries and organizers who are eager to build community and truly make a difference where they live.

Are you feeling the inner call to build a travel-loving community? 

P.S. Can’t fully commit to being a Chapter Leader, but still want to help out occasionally? Sign up as a volunteer and support your local Chapter’s events by checking people in, greeting them, and taking photos of the meetup.