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Community Values

Nomadic travelers celebrating together on the top of a mountain as the sun goes down

The Nomadic Network: Connecting the global travel community.

Our mission is clear, and we're creating a community of travelers that support and encourage each other to travel better, cheaper, longer (and more!).

We're bringing the travel community together in real life.

As a chapter-based organization that has a presence in many cities across the world, we strive to keep the core of The Nomadic Network simple and clear. We operate with three core values in mind. These are our guiding principles and helps us create the kind of community we’re proud of: connection, kindness, discovery.

While these are essential for any community, we really take them to heart and strive to make sure our events are designed and implemented with these at the forefront.


Five people in the travel community meeting, networking, and connecting with each other to plan their international trips together

Connection is key - while we’re traveling and while we’re at our home base.

Our lives are shaped by the people around us. Think about it, has any person been the source of your love of traveling? Has anyone’s story inspired you to take some trip you weren't planning on before? Has someone’s wise advice helped change your travel plans for the better? Has anyone's opposition pushed you further toward your travel dreams?

Whether you met a person in real life, watched a travel show, read a book, attended a play, or has a visitor from another country come to your elementary school class to share about their expereince - there was a connection you felt that had you take action toward fulfilling a travel dream of yours.

The sad truth is, we know that traveling can sometimes be an isolating experience. Whether you’re planning your first trip or coming back from your 5th or 50th jaunt around the globe, it’s always nice to connect with people who share your passion for exploring the world. In-person (as well as online)! We're doing this in cities around the world so that you can connect with the people local to you who share your travel interests.

The Nomadic Network hosts in-person meetups around the United States (and the world) to connect travelers together so we can learn from each other and, in turn, travel more!

Who are we? We're travelers, travel enthusiasts, about-to-be-travelers, explorers, well-traveled travelers, budget travelers, nomads, roadtrippers, hikers, backpackers, discovery junkies, culture connoisseurs, cruisers, nature lovers, family travelers, and traveling couples. We're travel writers, travel bloggers, remote workers, travel hackers (points an miles), vloggers, expatriates, travel photographers, and foodies. We're experienced travelers, country counters, avid travel book readers, people who are curious about traveling, and Nomadic Matt fans.

We are made up of people with varying life, and travel, experiences and that's what makes our meetups to fun to go to. You never know who you'll connect with.

Additionally, we take "connection" so seriously at TNN that we want to make sure we're not leaving anyone out. That's why you're invited to bring a friend to our events... for free! We want to be as inclusive and connected as possible, not just to those in TNN, but to our friends, family, and loved ones.


"Be Kind" is written on the sidewalk with colorful chalk to remind the travel community passing by about kindness

The members of The Nomadic Network are different. We're from all over the world, with different kinds of experiences, varying attitudes, beliefs, intelligences, ages, races, religions, hometowns, and values that we believe in.

At TNN, we come together with the same goal in mind, connect with other members who love to travel. That's why one of our only criteria for membership is that you love travel.

You see, we travelers are peas from similar pods. We yearn for the new, the different, and seek to understand what we have not yet seen or experienced.

We come with open minds and open hearts. We do not judge, we encourage.

TNN members seek to discover, accept, welcome, and appreciate our differences. We do this with kindness. After all, why travel around the world if not to open your mind and expand your capacity to love people all across the globe?

That's why treating each other with kindness is so important to us.


Travel community members smiling and clapping after discovering something new in a presentation about traveling the world

At TNN, we are dedicated to teaching and learning. The point of hosting in-person meetups is to engage with other travelers who you can speak with and, perhaps, discover something you didn’t know before. Some meetups will have a presentation or speaker to share about their connection to travel (whether they are in the travel industry or if they are a family that just came home from a 6 month-long jaunt around Asia).

(Note: Want to be a speaker or presenter? Apply here.)

The point of the meetups are not only to meet other travelers, but to discover how to travel better, cheaper and longer. A great way to learn that is by hearing from those who have done it!

We love hearing stories about people connecting at our events and then doing something they never thought of before.

Once a woman who was about to quit her soul-sucking job in banking and explore Asia without a plan, met a traveler at our meetup who told her about an incredible yoga retreat in Cambodia. Months later, she messaged that stranger from our meetup and ended up booking the retreat for a month... and adoring it!

Another person from one of our meetups, ended up sharing about her passion for travel, living overseas, and working in education with another person at our meetup. That conversation led her to change her career from working with a single school district to leading a non-profit that sends deserving students overseas on educational trips!

Other people have met travel buddies to go on road trips with, people who have offered their couches up while visiting other countries, people who have connected them with local friends to show them around as they've journeyed through other parts of the world. While some people just have a simple conversation that opens their mind to a whole new idea like traveling solo, going through Russia via train, where to learn to scuba dive, finally trying Couchsurfing, and the list goes on.

The element of discovery is one that keeps The Nomadic Network alive. You never know who you'll meet, what you'll talk about, what the presenter will speak about, and what you might be moved to do after being in the presence of a bunch of other travelers.

It's these rich interactions that make meeting people in person so valuable.

There are the community values we uphold in all of The Nomadic Network meetups. Whether you're attending a mixer, a picnic, a brunch, a party, a presentation, or a panel discussion. You can count on connection, kindness, and discovery being present.