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Mission & Values

At The Nomadic Network our mission is clear: we connect travelers to a new community and resources that will help them travel cheaper, better, longer, and more!

We’re bringing the travel community together in real life and virtually. Connection is key – while we’re traveling and while we’re at our home base. Our lives are shaped by the people around us. Think about it: has someone been the source of your love of traveling? Has someone’s story inspired you to take a trip you weren’t planning on before? Has a person’s wise advice helped change your travel plans for the better? Has someone’s opposition pushed you further toward your dreams?

Whether you met someone new, watched a show, read a book, attended a play, or listened to a visitor from another country come to your elementary school class to share about their experience – there was a connection you felt that prompted you to take action toward fulfilling a travel dream of yours.

The sad truth is, we know that traveling can sometimes be an isolating experience. Whether you’re planning your first trip or coming back from your 6th or 60th jaunt around the globe, it’s always nice to connect with people who share your passion for exploring the world, in-person (as well as online)!

We’re doing exactly this in cities around the world so that you can connect with the people near to you who share your travel interests.

The Nomadic Network hosts in-person meetups around the United States and across the world to connect travelers, so we can learn from each other and, in turn, travel more!

Who are we? We’re travel enthusiasts: soon-to-be-travelers, explorers, budget travelers, nomads, roadtrippers, hikers, backpackers, discovery junkies, culture connoisseurs, foodies, cruisers, country counters, nature lovers, solo travelers, couples, and families. We’re travel writers, photographers and vloggiers, travel bloggers, remote workers, travel hackers (points and miles), expatriates, and foodies. We’re curious about travel, experienced travelers, avid travel book readers, and Nomadic Matt fans.

We are made up of people with varying life experiences and that’s what makes our meetups to fun. You never know who you’ll connect with!

As a chapter-based organization with a presence in many cities across the world, we strive to keep the essence of The Nomadic Network simple. We operate with three core values in mind that help us create the kind of community we’re proud of:

  • Learn
  • Satiate you wanderlust
  • Have fun!

We take these values to heart and strive to make sure our events are designed and implemented with them at the forefront.


We pride ourselves on bringing our community the kind of events that have them taking notes! These presentations are chock-full of great advice from people who have been there and done that. Our virtual events are geared toward specific topics, while our in-person events are geared toward learning about the travel lovers near you.

We hope you’ll walk away from our events with ideas and resources that you may have never heard about before. Get inspiration coupled with information so you can travel cheaper, better, longer, and more.

Satiate Your Wanderlust

We all can’t be on the road all the time. When you’re not traveling, we’re here for you. Even when you are, we’re here for you. We host virtual events almost every week of the year that are intended to have you drooling over different destinations and dreaming up ways to get there.

(Note: Want to be a speaker or presenter? Apply here.)

Whether you’re home or visiting a city where we have a chapter, you can join one of our monthly meetups to get to know people just like you, like-minded travel enthusiasts that want to chat, chat, chat about destinations around the world.

Have Fun!

Most of all, we want you to enjoy yourself when you’re participating in a TNN event. We’re all here looking to make friends and connections, so fun is in the fabric!


These are the community values we uphold in all Nomadic Network events. Whether you’re attending a mixer, picnic, brunch, party, presentation, book club, or panel discussion, you can count on learning, satiating your wanderlust, and having fun!