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Monday, February 24, 2020From 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


400 Monroe St
Detroit, MI 48226


Join our February travel meetup in Detroit!

In celebration of Mardi Gras, that falls on February 25, we're meeting at Fishbones - Detroit's local cajun, Creole, seafood bar. We'll be sharing about Mardi Gras experiences and travel experiences in general. Come celebrate this globally known holiday with some proper cajun food.

We host monthly travel meetups in Detroit to connect you to like-minded explorers so you can swap all kinds of stories, tips, and advice with people who understand you passion for seeing the world for yourself. These meetups are pretty casual, and are focused on making sure you can connect with the travel lovers in your neighborhood and community!

Isn't it always more fun to share your excitement for a past or upcoming trip with someone who wants to hear? We're gathering those kinds of people for you to connect with.

Our community is ever-expanding, so we encourage you to bring a friend (for free) with you!

We'll be buying appetizers for everyone to share!

See you soon,

The Nomadic Network Team

The Nomadic Network Team


It's our newest initiative and is a global community of travel enthusiasts who support, connect, educate, and inspire one another to travel better, cheaper, and longer (created by me, Nomadic Matt). We strive to provide our fellow travelers with the tools, resources, tips, and knowledge to enable them to confidently plan global adventures. We encourage and eagerly share our global know-how with others.

We do this with these local TNN chapter meet-ups in cities across the world that provide time for you to meet and connect with other travelers. Whether you're planning a short jaunt to a nearby city or an indefinite round-the-world trip, The Nomadic Network is here to help the world travel — one nomad at a time.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements?
This is being held at a bar, so you have to be of legal drinking age. Bring your ID.

Are drinks included?
Since this event is centered around cajun food, we'll be buying appetizers for everyone to share instead of drinks. You're free to buy any extra drinks or food for sourself as well.

What can I bring into the event?
A person! Your ticket comes with a +1 so bring a friend who loves to travel or just wants to learn more about the whole "travel thing" that you do!

How do I get to the venue? Is there parking?
The restaurant is at a stop on the Detroit People Mover. The address for parking is: 1211 Chrysler Dr, Detroit, MI 48226.

Will Matt be there?
This is a community event for the travelers in your area to meet and connect with each other. Matt will not be present at every Nomadic Network event (including this one).

Who will run the event?
Lauren and Tina are the enthusiastic Chapter Leaders for the Detroit Chapter. They are excited and dedicated to bringing the travel community together in Detroit.

What's the refund policy?
You can get a refund until 7 days before the event. Just email info@thenomadicnetwork.com.