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New York — Thursday, April 9, 202012:00Los Angeles — Thursday, April 9, 20209:00London — Thursday, April 9, 202017:00Athens — Thursday, April 9, 202019:00Singapore — Friday, April 10, 20200:00Sydney — Friday, April 10, 20202:00


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Hello travelers! It's time for our first virtual meetup of The Nomadic Network! Come connect with other travelers and Nomadic Matt in a guided discussion about travel.

How has travel changed us? A look into what we were like before we traveled vs how we operate now. The good, the bad, and the transformative. Come ready to listen and share (if you choose).

It's a strange time for our kind of people - those of us who love to explore the world. With everyone staying put, it has us yearning for the days when we were on the road, connecting with strangers over a beer at a hostel, spending the day on a local bike tour, or connecting with people we met on a hiking trail, at a museum, or out dancing in a new city.

The Nomadic Network was built for travelers to connect with each other. So, even in a time when we can't host in-person events, that's what we'll do - CONNECT! Come meet other travelers while couchsurfing (on your own couch!), by joining our first virtual meetup!

It's free! All you have to do is RSVP to this event and the Zoom link information will be shared with you.

Talk Thursday!

Matt & The Nomadic Network team