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Glamping & RVing: The Smartest Ways to Travel in the New Corona World

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Just back from a three-month trip in Europe during the height of the pandemic, Mike & Anne of HoneyTrek know what it’s like to travel in this new Corona world. What was their secret to staying safe and having fun against the odds?

Glamping and RVing.

When the EU went on lockdown and all tourist services closed, they were able to keep up their adventures with a 3,800-mile road trip around Poland, Czech Republic, and Germany in their self-contained campervan. As services started to open, they noticed glamping, private and creative outdoor accommodations, was the first type of lodging to make a comeback.

They glamped in six camps across the Netherlands and are now back in the States continuing their three-year glamping road trip with the help of their vintage RV.

Join Mike & Anne, live from Buddy the Camper, as they share the benefits of these two travel styles and how to do them safely and affordably in this new landscape.

MIKE & ANNE HOWARD left on their honeymoon in January 2012 and never came home. They created HoneyTrek.com to chronicle their journey across all seven continents and help people mobilize their travel dreams. Their story as the World’s Longest Honeymooners, savvy tips, and blog have been featured in over 100 media outlets—from USA Today to Lonely Planet. Firm believers that love and travel make the world a better place, they authored "Ultimate Journeys for Two"—National Geographic’s bestselling couples travel guide. To write their newest book, "Comfortably Wild", they traveled 73,000 miles across 9 countries to find the best glamping experiences in North America. As full-time nomads and travel journalists, the Howards are always on the hunt for off-the-track destinations, uncommon adventures, and the human stories that make each place so special. 

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