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Cuba: How To Immerse Yourself In the Culture

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Cuba is a mystery to many travelers. So much so that many U.S. citizens are not even sure they can go there (good news: they can).

Another misconception is that Cuba is just a big island with spectacular natural beauty, a vibrant music culture, legendary nightlife, and lots of rum and cigars. In fact, Cuba is a lot more.

The country has 9 UNESCO World Heritage sites, dozens of protected nature and wildlife reserves including 6 UNESCO biosphere reserves.

The capital of Cuba, Havana, has a rich artistic legacy that includes 40 museums dedicated to everything from fine arts to chocolate.  Cuba’s ballet institute is among the finest in the world and art galleries grace the palm tree-fringed plazas in Old Havana.

Havana’s eclectic architecture shifts gracefully from colonial to Baroque to Art Deco but always manages to maintain its own unique style.

Cuba delivers what you imagine it to be, but it also surprises with the unexpected.

This presentation, with a focus on cultural immersion, will introduce you to Cuba and explain why it is a destination like no other.  

Some of the Cuba travel tips you’ll learn include:
·  How U.S. citizens can travel to Cuba legally (it’s easier than you think).
·  The best places to stay to experience cultural immersion (think, homestays).
·  Different transportation options and how to get around.
·  So what’s the deal with the dual currencies?
·  What to eat and where to eat it.   
·  What to bring back home from Cuba.  
·  The perfect Cuba itinerary for 5, 10, or more days. What cities should you focus on depending on how much time you have. From the jaw-dropping natural beauty of western Cuba to the hidden spots that make Havana so fascinating to the perfectly preserved colonial cities of central Cuba, learn what you need to know to make the most of your time.

Cuban-American TALEK NANTES is an author, digital content creator, and founder of the travel blog, http://travelswithtalek.com. After a successful career in international business, Talek shifted gears and created her travel blog to help others craft their own unique travel experiences. Talek’s personal and professional background has led her to travel to over 110 countries. She has lived and worked throughout the world and lives with her husband in New York City and Miami. Talek’s most recent book is “Don’t Just Travel to Cuba, Experience Cuba: The Ultimate Cuba Travel Guide.” 

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P.S. This event will be hosted by Leah Arao. Leah is a Virtual TNN Event Host, LA TNN Chapter Leader, event manager, and travel podcaster (https://instagram.com/ticket2anywherepodcast) who has travel running through her veins. She's backpacked, worked and volunteered all over South America and Australia.

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