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How to Start & Maintain a Journaling Practice While Traveling

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New York — Wednesday, October 14, 2020From 20:00 to 21:00Los Angeles — Wednesday, October 14, 2020From 17:00 to 18:00London — Thursday, October 15, 2020From 1:00 to 2:00Athens — Thursday, October 15, 2020From 3:00 to 4:00Singapore — Thursday, October 15, 2020From 8:00 to 9:00Sydney — Thursday, October 15, 2020From 11:00 to 12:00


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Journaling has been surging in popularity this year, and it's no surprise why.

Not only is journaling one of the best ways to help you express your most authentic self, but self-expression can also help elevate our mental and emotional well-being.

The benefits to journaling are limitless, and so are the stories you have yet to tell.

In this workshop, we'll walk through:
✒️ The benefits of journaling
✒️ How to create a journaling routine
✒️ Tips for maintaining your journaling practice whether you're writing at home or off traveling the world.
✒️ A reflective prompt (live!) led by writer and founder of "A Force of Nurture", Sonya Matejko, to help you jump start your journaling practice.

Come join us to begin your journaling adventure.

Designed in collaboration with full-time explorers, our Exploration Journal collects years of adventures in one place. Reflect on past trips or plan new ones with over 100 thoughtfully laid out pages.

Inside you’ll find space to:
? Plan your itinerary
? Jot down recommendations
? Chat in the local language
? Bring your favorite memories to life with photos and stories
? Chart the destinations you’ve ticked off with our color-in map
? ...and a dedicated packing list

**There will be a giveaway for a lucky attendee!**

Sonya is a writer, yoga teacher, and communications consultant. She writes stories and helps people tell theirs by empowering them to express themselves — mentally, physically, and emotionally. Sonya works with purpose-driven businesses and female entrepreneurs to elevate their narratives — from personal branding to copywriting and PR consulting to guided writing. Her storytelling company, A Force of Nurture, helps people find the right words and spread the word.

Connect with Sonya:
? Website: sonyamatejko.com
? Instagram: instagram.com/aforceofnurture
? Journaling event with Sonya: eventbrite.com/e/reset-rewrite-guided-journaling-for-dreamers-tickets-102486353442

My job takes me all over the world. As Exploration Director for beauty and lifestyle brand Crabtree & Evelyn. I live our brand motto, Born Curious, Grown Wild. Just like our founder Cy Harvey, I was born with a curiosity for what the wider world could teach me. From a young age, I was lucky enough to travel to many countries with family, covering the USA and Canada as well as Europe. In my early 20's, I embarked upon my first solo trip across the Middle East and Thailand. One trip wasn't enough and since then, nearly every year I take off for a few months at a time and often return to southeast Asia. Some of my favourite spots reside in Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

I'm extremely lucky to have the chance to travel with my job, meet with communities and cultures so different from my own. And the best bit is we get to take inspiration from these trips to create beautiful authentic products, and give back to those communities through our CSR programme 'Exploration for Growth'.

Connect with Georgina and C&E:
? Website: crabtree-evelyn.com
? Instagram: instagram.com/crabtreeandevelyn
? Facebook: facebook.com/crabtreeandevelyn
? Travel journal: www.crabtree-evelyn.com/collections/new-in/products/8424

FLYTE (Nomadic Matt's non-profit: takeflyte.org) has a new partnership with Crabtree & Evelyn, a company that’s combining travel, philanthropy, and beauty. It made a huge donation of $35,000 and funding an entire group of students’ life-changing trip abroad!

The founder of Crabtree & Evelyn, Cyrus Harvey, explored the world and returned home to Boston with various soaps and perfumes from his adventures. With those products, he founded Crabtree & Evelyn. He wasn’t just selling soaps. He was selling stories. Cyrus loved connecting with people. He built a business around those connections so he could share his passion for travel and discovery with people back home.

As part of the company’s new initiatives and plans, it’s supporting students, giving them the opportunities Cyrus also had.

You can read more about the partnership here: nomadicmatt.com/travel-blogs/flyte-philanthropy/