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India: A Local Guide Answers Your Most Common Questions

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New York — Thursday, October 8, 2020From 12:00 to 13:00Los Angeles — Thursday, October 8, 2020From 9:00 to 10:00London — Thursday, October 8, 2020From 17:00 to 18:00Athens — Thursday, October 8, 2020From 19:00 to 20:00Singapore — Friday, October 9, 2020From 0:00 to 1:00Sydney — Friday, October 9, 2020From 3:00 to 4:00


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Sanjeeta will take us through the questions she gets asked and things she gets to hear all the time about India, as a tour guide and a tour leader, in her interactions with travelers from all over the world.

India is one of those great breakthroughs in a person’s travel history and is almost always in a traveler’s bucket list!

It’s certainly not surprising that people have generalizations, stereotypes, assumptions, and confusion about India...

...sometimes they're true,
...sometimes they're half-true,
...and sometimes absolutely false!

Sanjeeta will cover some of these in her talk and through her hands-on experience of a local guide, she will break each of them down through the amazing, curious, weird, and funny questions she gets asked, the fascinating statements, and doubts she gets to hear and the interesting conversations she has with her groups of travelers.

It's her attempt to help us learn and unlearn, to fix the blurred reality into a clear picture, to eliminate the misinformation that is outdated or inaccurately sourced, and to bring a change in perceptions about India so that the travelers are much more aware, responsible and well-informed to see the REAL INDIA with an open mind, to travel more freely and to have a more enjoyable & enhanced/quality travel experience.

**This presentation is coming from first-hand, personal experience coming from a local living and working in India. This event is open to and beneficial for everyone, whether you have traveled to India (yet!) or not.

SANJEETA AGARWAL is a tour leader and an experience curator in India. She is a local guide at Urban Adventures, one of the brands of Intrepid Group, the world’s largest adventure travel company and industry leader in responsible and sustainable experience-rich travel, leading groups of travelers from all over the world in her hometown Delhi and showing them the soul of the city. She also leads her independently curated travel experiences as a freelance tour leader.

Her style of leading is all about delivering real-life local experiences with the intent of responsible travel by bringing travelers close to the heart of the destination & its people and showing them her country through her eyes & through the art of storytelling.

She has been featured in one of India’s leading newspapers, Hindustan Times, in Urban Adventures’ global newsletter, and in Women For World, a travel community for women. She was selected as the first tour guide to lead the exclusive New York Times Journeys - City Tours in Delhi which are operated by Urban Adventures. She has also been awarded by Delhi Urban Adventures as the Guide of the Month twice as well as "Guide of the Year" which recognizes passionate leaders who perform exceptionally and consistently well.

Sanjeeta has been traveling ever since she was a kid all thanks to her father’s profession. She is an avid traveler with travel being not just a passion for her but more of a necessity.
In a normal year, she would be traveling within India every other month and has also traveled to 20+ countries.

Additionally, she is a photographer and runs a passion project by the name of Talking Frames on Instagram. She also teaches French and English, is the social media manager and the food photographer at a home bakery based in Delhi, and is one of the minds behind TNN's Instagram page!

She describes herself as a learner and a traveller first, always!

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