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Living with a chronic illness can be enough of a challenge.

Adding travel to the mix may seem nearly impossible for those with a chronic diagnosis!

Brooke has had multiple sclerosis for 8 years. She's here to tell you that "where there's a will, there's a way." She's here to encourage you to explore how you *can* travel with chronic illness.

She has made traveling a priority and after research and trial and error, Brooke has a lot of knowledge to share with you!

Join Brooke as she encourages people to travel, no matter what, and gives advice and logistical tips for people who need to keep their health concerns at the forefront of any adventure.

🎤 BROOKE YOOL is a college physiology professor and auto shop co-owner currently living in Seattle, Washington. Her love for exploring began during elementary school with cross-country family road trips. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2012, she refuses to use that as an excuse to stop traveling! Currently, she blogs on auto maintenance and repair and on getting out of the house and exploring.

Connect with Brooke:
✈️ Facebook: www.facebook.com/brooke.yool
✈️ Instagram: instagram.com/brookeyool
✈️ Brooke's travel blog feature: thenomadicnetwork.com/blog/chronic-illness

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