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How to Plan a Culinary-Focused Trip that Supports Local Communities

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Empanadas, crêpes, moussaka, ackee and saltfish, wiener schnitzel, sushi, dal bhat, fish & chips, sadza...

Almost every country has a dish (or a few) native to that region, but we don’t always know the story behind the food we eat, or the people who've created it.

Learning about regional food and sharing it with locals is one of the best ways to learn about, connect, and discover the soul of cultures new to you as you travel. Culinary-focused travel is a great way to bond with friends, but also to understand new cultures.

Can traveling and eating local food change the world?

Anthony Bourdain famously said, “Food may not be the answer to world peace, but it’s a start.”

In this session, Susan Renke of "Global Palate Adventures" will talk about how to plan a trip centered around food and wine, and make sure that it supports local communities, creators, entrepreneurs, farmers, chefs, and everyone in between.

🎤 SUSAN RENKE has spent her professional career promoting agriculture to the foodservice industry – in a nutshell, connecting farmers and chefs. After years of creating educational programs that included bringing chefs, distributors, and food editors to walk the fields and talk with farmers, Susan saw the “aha moments” people experienced on those tours and decided to combine her love of food, travel, and agriculture to launch "Global Palate Adventures" as a passion-prenuer.

One of the constants in Susan’s career has been her opportunity to travel throughout the United States and abroad to experience firsthand how culture and food are intertwined. She has taken cooking classes in many cities around the world. Susan believes there is no better way to get to know a new country and to immerse yourself in its culture than to roll up your sleeves and learn from the locals.

Susan believes in keeping the GPA tours small; 12-14 people maximum on each trip. They are billed as culinary immersion tours for food professionals and food-loving travelers, with time to explore the local non-food cultural scene, always led by local guides. Some of the international destinations Susan has visited include Thailand, Hong Kong, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, Sicily, Lisbon, Barcelona, Croatia, and British Columbia. Susan is also working on domestic tours, including the beautiful Pacific Northwest where she lives.

Connect with Susan:
— Website: globalpalateadventures.com
— Instagram: instagram.com/susans_global_palate
— Twitter: twitter.com/susanrenke
— Pinterest: pinterest.com/globalpalateadventures
— Facebook: facebook.com/globalpalateadventures

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