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How to Take a Multi-Year Family Trip Through Europe

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Many people who love to travel stop when they become parents.

Or they limit where they travel because of the children.

Traveling to other countries is a wonderful way to expose children to different cultures and different ways of life.

I traveled extensively prior to becoming a parent. As a mom, I still love to travel. My daughter has been to about 15 countries so far. Her first trip overseas was at age 10. When she was 13, we set off on what was intended to be a year-long trip. That year turned into two years. We spent three months in France, several months in Scotland, traveled all over the UK and Ireland, visited Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, & Hungary. It was an amazing experience!

When people hear about our trip, I get tons of questions:
— How were you able to do that?
— What about work?
— What about school?
— Where did you stay?
— How did you find places to stay?
— ...and most importantly, what was it like for your daughter, and how was the transition back to ‘normal’ life and school for her?

In this talk, I will share our experiences and discuss tips for traveling with children in general, whether it is a long-term trip or a shorter family vacation. Your adventures don’t need to stop when you are a parent!

SANDRA STREET is a Developmental and Cognitive Psychologist who does research in cognitive development in children and teaches courses in developmental psychology and research methods. In addition to research and teaching, she also works as a statistical consultant.

Sandra has had wanderlust all her life, spending many years dreaming of the places she hoped to go. However, she didn’t really start traveling until her early 30’s when she had an opportunity to live in Thailand for a year. After Thailand, she spent 6 months backpacking Australia and New Zealand. From there the desire to see the world just became stronger!

Connect with Sandra:
— Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thewanderingstreets

HOST: This event will be hosted by Laura Cox, a Virtual TNN Event Host and San Diego TNN Chapter Leader, with a passion for international family travel (https://instagram.com/travel80by80). She has lived abroad in Prague and Sevilla and has traveled extensively with her husband and two children (46 countries together and counting)!

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