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Reimagining Travel: A 21st Century Approach to Peace

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National Geographic Explorer, peace-builder and author, Aziz Abu Sarah proposes that travel needs a reset.

In his new book, "Crossing Boundaries: A Traveler's Guide to World Peace," Aziz proposes that harnessing the power of travel can create a more connected and peaceful world.

Aziz is no stranger to injustice. His journey from radical seeking revenge to peacemaker seeking reconciliation led to an innovative method of peacemaking and co-founding of a global business.

Starting in his own divided hometown of Jerusalem he originated the dual narrative™ a unique kind of tourism to bring people together across some of the world's deepest divides, including Colombia, Vietnam, Venezuela, Syria, and others. His method shows how by crossing boundaries—near and far—we can help heal our world from stereotypes, racial prejudice, and ignorance.

It's not about where we travel, but how that will make all the difference going forward.


Global peace-builder, cultural educator, and author, Aziz Abu Sarah is a Palestinian who’s journey from radical seeking revenge to peacemaker seeking reconciliation led him to cofound MEJDI Tours—harnessing the power of travel to create a more peaceful world. His global conflict resolution work earned him the titles of National Geographic Explorer and TED Fellow. Published in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and National Geographic, Aziz continues at the forefront of reconciliation efforts in conflict zones. In 2018, he courageously announced his candidacy for Mayor of Jerusalem. His latest book is "Crossing Boundaries: A Traveler’s Guide to World Peace" an Amazon Hot New Release in 2020.

He has served as Executive Director at the Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution, George Mason University, and as a board member for the Parents Circle Families Forum representing the organization at international governmental organizations such as the European Parliament.

Aziz has spoken at numerous international organizations, corporations, and universities, including TED, The United Nations, National Geographic, Nexus, and the European Parliament. Aziz is the recipient of the Goldberg Prize for Peace in the Middle East, the European Parliament’s Silver Rose Award, the Eisenhower Medallion, and the Eliav-Sartawi Award for his Middle Eastern Journalism. He was named one of the 500 most influential Muslims in the World by the Royal Strategic Centre in Jordan ten years running (2010-2020) and won the Intercultural innovation award from the UN Alliance of Civilizations and the BMW Group. He was also recognized by former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for his work in peacebuilding.

Connect with Aziz Abu Sarah:
— Author Website: http://AzizAbuSarah.com
— "Crossing Boundaries: A Traveler's Guide to World Peace" book: https://www.amazon.com/Crossing-Boundaries-Travelers-Guide-World/dp/1523088559
— MEJDI Tours: http://MEJDITours.com
— TED Talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/aziz_abu_sarah_for_more_tolerance_we_need_more_tourism

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