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How to Travel Mindfully as a Family: When They're Babies, Kids, & Teens

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46 countries in 14 years!

So much of travel is the people you interact with along the way. Whether that be in the airport, at your accommodation, or most importantly, within the local communities. As kids transition from babies to teens, how we interact with our children and those around us may change slightly.

In this Nomadic Network talk, Laura will share her thoughts on how to be mindful in your travels with kids. From favelas in Brazil to remote villages in Vietnam, Laura will discuss how to safely immerse yourself in the local culture, give back, and gain an appreciation for others in the world.

LAURA COX is the Founder of Travel 80 by 80, a family travel blog aimed to inspire and educate families that traveling does not have to stop when you have kids. In fact, it can become even more meaningful.

Having always been a traveler at heart, Laura didn’t let having kids stop her from traveling. On a mission to reach 80 countries by 80 years old, Laura has currently traveled to 46 countries with her kids (59 in total).

If she’s not traveling, you can find her on the nearest beach, planning themed parties for her friends, and, of course, always researching where to go next! You’ll also find her at most TNN events as she’s a TNN Virtual Event Host and San Diego Chapter Leader.

Connect with Laura:
— Blog: https://travel80by80.com
— Instagram: https://instagram.com/travel80by80
— Facebook: https://facebook.com/travel80by80
— Clubhouse: https://clubhouse.com/club/travel-with-kids

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