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Your Next Free Trip: How to Explore America’s Parks and Public Lands

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This land is YOUR land!

It’s Summer 2021, and now that many of us are starting to travel again! America’s National Parks are an excellent destinations for a safe, fun, and memorable way to get back out there! But, did you know that America’s other public lands - National Forests, Grasslands, and Wildlife Management Areas - not only offer opportunities for exploring, but also 100% FREE camping?

We’ll share info about some of America’s best natural sites, and tricks to understand how to find safe, cheap or FREE experiences and places to stay across the 50 states.

TAY VAUGHN started "How to Travel" as a way to share his love for exploring our world, and to help inspire anyone to take the trip they didn’t think they could!

During the travel hiatus of early 2020, he regrouped his focus from international destinations to America’s treasures, and set out on a series of cross-country road trips. Whether he’s living on the road, or squeezing an overseas exploration into a long weekend, Tay loves to share travel stories that empower anyone to explore!

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