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The 3 Keys to Building a Location Independent Lifestyle

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We all dream of a life where traveling and experiencing new cultures isn’t restricted to two weeks per year. We think of how lovely it would be to just decide that next week, you want to be drinking wine under Spain’s stars, tossing coins into Rome’s Trevi Fountain, swimming in the azure waters off Koh Tao’s coast, or witnessing the massive pyramids in Egypt with your own eyes.

Decades ago, you had very little opportunities outside of travel journalism that could afford you this kind of lifestyle. But nowadays, there’s a vehicle that can actually allow you to live this life full-time. Be a full-time location independent traveler. What is it?

The Internet.

However, with so much information about starting an online business out there, it’s overwhelming. What type of business? Should you learn SEO? Affiliate marketing? Make a newsletter? Blog? Try to get sponsors? Which direction is right for you?

Sadly, many people don’t know where to start and thus, they become paralyzed and simply stay at their 9-5.

Our speaker, Travis, spent 3 years trying to create an online lifestyle business that paid well, didn’t take up all of his time, and allowed him to travel whenever and wherever he wanted. Now that he has, he believes creating an online business that can sustain a travel-friendly lifestyle is possible. If you can find a way to make $100 a day, you can get started on your location independent journey.

If you can make money doing work that you love... and be able to work anywhere in the world… that’s freedom.

In this training you're going to learn:

  • The ONLY habit you have to commit to in order to curate the lifestyle you always dreamed of
  • The provocative mindset hack that will take you from "I'll get there one day" to "I make $#&! happen" on a daily basis
  • The simple (yet powerful) technique that every successful entrepreneur uses to get paid while having a tangible impact on the lives of their audience

Travis Sherry is the founder of Extra Pack of Peanuts, Location Indie, and The Paradise Pack. In 2013, he added a podcast, which has now become one of the top-rated travel podcasts on iTunes! He’s figured out how to run his six-figure online business successfully from a beachfront bungalow in Thailand, an inn in Prague, the rice fields of Bali, and a farmhouse in Florence and how to run it unsuccessfully from the internet-deprived country of Myanmar.

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