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People are often afraid to travel solo because they fear for their safety.

Once you begin traveling by yourself, however, you begin to realize that the world is generally very welcoming and hospitable. Locals you encounter on the road may be shocked to learn that you are in a foreign country by yourself, but most of the time they will tell you how amazing and brave they think you are, and will want to ensure you have a nice time in their country!

To encourage you to get out and see the world (even if you don't have a travel buddy), Tiffany is here to give you basic safety tips that you can implement on your next vacation.

Join us to learn:

  • How to do research on each destination before your trip
  • What to pack
  • Why & how to purchase travel insurance
  • Ways to share travel info with family or friends
  • Place to connect with other trustworthy travelers on the road
  • Best practices for social media posting while traveling

Tiffany Heard is a proud graduate of Howard University where she obtained a Masters of Social Work. She has currently traveled to over 20 countries and gives back selflessly by volunteering abroad. Tiffany is a content creator who discusses and documents her solo vacations on her travel blog. She also wrote a book, "Hues of Africa: Journey Between the Lines," which was inspired by her love of coloring, which calms her soul. Tiffany aspires to globe-trot throughout the continent of Africa as a traveling Social Worker.

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