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The Black Travel Journey to Freedom, A Juneteenth Tribute [Partner Event]

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New York — Thursday, June 9, 202212:00Los Angeles — Thursday, June 9, 20229:00London — Thursday, June 9, 202217:00Athens — Thursday, June 9, 202219:00Singapore — Friday, June 10, 20220:00Sydney — Friday, June 10, 20222:00


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Join Wanderful for a conversation about how travel helps the Black community explore what it means to be free.

Freedom can be a complicated topic and experience for Black folks. Join Wanderful for a conversation about how travel has helped Black travelers explore what it means to be free, Black, and to connect with themselves and the world.

When this event is done, you'll learn...

  • What it means to be free. Beyond a vacation.
  • How travel can help you experience freedom.
  • How you can create that free feeling before, during, and after your trip.
  • How connecting with your genealogy can help you feel MORE free.
  • What it means to build a life that centers around freedom.


Wanda Duncan has been working and traveling as a digital nomad since 2016. She's the founder of Black Women Travl, a thriving community of Black women who center travel, wellness, and creating online streams of income. Join the Nomad Crew Collective, listen to the weekly show Black Women Travel Podcast, and catch the replay of the annual travel conference just for Black women, the International Black Women Travel Jubilee. Where do you fit in? Come sit with us!

Dr. Aisha LaDon Abdul Rahman, PhD had been studying her family history for about 15 years as a hobby. She took her African Ancestry DNA test in June 2020 and took her first trip to the African continent in January of 2021, she returned from Ghana with feeling empowered, renewal, and a complete new outlook on life and her professional goals as a Librarian.

Sapphire Kharyzma, CTC, Moderator

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