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How to Climb Africa's Highest Peak: Mount Kilimanjaro

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If you're an adventurous traveler, you likely have gone on a mountain trek or two. Whether you're an experienced hiker or a novice, it's time to add a new bucket list item: getting to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.

Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the seven summits, meaning it's one of the tallest mountain peaks in the world. Standing at 19,341 feet, trekking to the top of Kilimanjaro is one of the best treks you can do while traveling in Tanzania. This trek doesn't require any technical skills to get to the summit, which makes it a sought after climb amongst novice hikers and mountaineers alike.

In this session we will walk you through everything that you need to know to make it to the roof of Africa.

Join us to learn:

  • Why Kilimanjaro is such a popular climb
  • Ways to travel to and from Tanzania
  • Different routes to get to the top of Kilimanjaro
  • How to pick a tour operator
  • How to budget for your trek
  • What essentials to pack
  • How to train your body for the hike
  • Tips to successfully make it to the summit!

Habiba & Alex are adventure travelers with a passion for hiking and climbing. Habiba was born in Morocco and now lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. She has a 9-5 schedule working in the IT field, but that does not stop her from traveling the world. Alex is a software developer by day and a FromSoftware enthusiast by night. After successfully making it to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro in 2021, they are excited to share why they decided to scale this particular mountain's epic trek and why you should too!

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