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The Realities of "Mompreneurship": Real Talk with Travel Creator Moms [Partner Event]

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New York — Friday, June 10, 202213:00Los Angeles — Friday, June 10, 202210:00London — Friday, June 10, 202218:00Athens — Friday, June 10, 202220:00Singapore — Saturday, June 11, 20221:00Sydney — Saturday, June 11, 20223:00


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What is it like to be a traveler, a creator, as well as a mother? Join us for an honest conversation with travel's top creators + mamas!

We see it all too often – the seemingly perfect families traveling the world and creating beautiful moments on social media. But what’s the reality when you peel back the layers? What’s going on behind-the-scenes when the camera isn’t rolling?

We all know that motherhood is full of challenges, joys, frustrations, triumphs – say the very least. It’s the hardest job in the world, but what is it like to be a traveler, a creator, as well as a mother? How do you juggle entrepreneurship with your role as a mother….while also honoring your love of exploring?

Join us for an honest conversation with travel creators Olga Maria Czarkowski of Dreams in Heels, Marquita Wright of The Traveling Twin Mama, Astrid Vinje of The Wandering Daughter, and our very own Beth Santos who will share their experiences as mothers, travelers, and creators.

This event is for all mothers, anyone considering motherhood, and anyone simply curious about how to support women travel creators and our vast experiences.


Marquita Wright, The Traveling Twin Mama, travels the world with her husband and twin toddlers. While pregnant with her twins, she was told she would have to stop traveling after kids. What a myth! She’s now on a mission to help women travel confidently, with or without their kiddo(s) in tow. She's also TNN's New Orleans chapter leader!

Astrid Vinje is a writer and blogger with a passion for new places and cultures. She is the creator of The Wandering Daughter, a site dedicated to helping families experience travel in an educational, transformative, and sustainable way. A strong advocate for learning through travel, Astrid is also the creator of Mexico Family Travel, focused on Mexico vacation travel for families, and the Instagram account, Brown Families Traveling, aimed at showcasing families of color traveling the world.

Olga Maria is a professional travel writer, storyteller, and full-time digital nomad who runs Dreams in Heels, an award-winning solo female travel & lifestyle blog. She is also the founder of the bilingual (Spanish/English) travel community Latinas Who Travel, the travel editor of Livid Magazine, and hosts a travel video series in partnership with Hiplatina.com.

Beth Santos is a serial entrepreneur and community builder out to disrupt travel for women worldwide. She is founder and CEO of Wanderful, an international collective of travelers and travel content creators on a mission to make travel better for all women. She is the creator of the WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit, a leading event for women and gender diverse travel creators, the annual Bessie Awards to honor women of impact in travel, and the first major outdoor travel festival by and for women, Wanderfest.

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