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Connect with Other Travel Bloggers & Writers

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Calling all travel bloggers and writers! We've designed this virtual meetup to connect you to others like you in this community. During the session, you'll have a chance to introduce yourselves, join an ice-breaking activity, and participate in a facilitated discussion. The best part - you'll get to meet other travel bloggers and writers — just like you!

In life, connection is key. Our lives are shaped by the people around us. The recipe to getting anywhere in life is surrounding yourself with people who inspire you to keep going. And nothing beats a circle of friends who are on your similar wave-length so you can have the kinds of conversations that light you up, make you feel connected, and get you newly excited about what you're doing. This will be a great place to make friends, network with other industry members, start collaborations, find guest posters (or places to guest post), and get your message out there. The travel industry is full of fun-loving adventurers and our hope is that through The Nomadic Network, you'll be able to meet people that feel like your people.

All levels are welcome. Whether you've spent your whole life writing, started a blog last week, or are on the cusp of buying that domain name — you're invited to join us!