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The Nomadic Network (TNN) is a community of travelers and travel enthusiasts that come together to connect in real life at travel-related events.

Why does The Nomadic Network exist?

We exist to connect travelers to each other, resources, and experts that can get them traveling cheaper, longer, and better. 

It's easier to travel more when you’re encouraged and supported by people who have been there (and done that). We’ve noticed in our years of running NomadicMatt.com that we can make a difference for a good portion of readers who end up booking their trips after reading the blog posts and our books.

However, some people aren't as easily swayed to make such a big decision.

Some people need more encouragement, more trust in what they're doing isn't crazy, and real-life examples of people who have done what they want to do and survived!

Some people only take the leap after they have come to a live meetup event where they’ve met other people actually taking action and taking their dream trips.

The enthusiasm is contagious.

When people meet people -- in real life -- that they can ask their travel questions too, it can leave a lasting impact on the person asking the question. It also seemingly reignites something in the traveler giving the advice as well. Win-win!

We've hosted so many meetups via NomadicMatt.com that we decided this would work better as a movement. It would work better with consistency. We could make a greater impact if we could constantly host meetups and travel-related events all over the world!

Whether it’s your first trip, your first trip in a while, or you just want a boost to keep going on your journey, we (The Nomadic Network) can help you get where you want to go.

The reason why NomadicMatt.com exists is that we want people traveling the world so they can live without regrets. Matt writes blogs and books to teach readers how to travel for cheaper so that it becomes attainable for the masses. These live events are no different.

In short, The Nomadic Network:

  • Creates events for travelers to connect with each other and to resources that will help them travel better (and more)!
  • Provides support for the Chapter Leaders in what they need to host effective, fun, connected events.
  • Liaises between the hosts, and speakers, presenters, or travel professionals so the events are valuable and unforgettable.

Free Membership

Female traveler tell directions to another woman by pointing at a map while traveling in a foreign country

Becoming a member of TNN is easy and free for anyone -- anywhere -- in the world. In order to be a part of The Nomadic Network, all you have to do is:

  • Love travel
  • Be 18-years-old or older (and recognize that some events are only for people over the drinking age - sorry about that!)
  • Make a personal profile on this very website
  • Join our Facebook discussion (not mandatory, but encouraged)

In addition, the following rules apply:

No matter what your home chapter is, if you're traveling and would like to go to an event in a different city - go right ahead! We operate as a global online network so you can attend any TNN event around the world.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to meet like-minded travelers anywhere in the world.

Also note, we are an online and offline platform that is a safe and encouraging space. We do not allow spam, bullying, unsolicited self-promotion, unkind language, and distasteful behavior. We reserve the right to restrict, cancel, or deny membership or entry to events.

Paid Events

two traveling members of the nomadic network chatting at a live travel event located in a bar

Each event of our costs a nominal fee. We're hosting many events and we want to make them as accessible as possible. Most of our events cost about $10 and they include entry for two people (you and a friend).

The fees go toward the cost of keeping up The Nomadic Network. It's for things like space rental, equipment fees, name tags, etc. We want to make this movement as sustainable as possible and everything requires at least a bit of money.

Again, every ticket purchased comes 2-FOR-THE-PRICE-OF-1!

We're New

TNN is a new community and so as we grow, these guidelines will be updated. Nothing is set in stone. These guidelines are subject to change. 

Send any questions and suggestions to us here. Thanks!