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Start a Local Chapter in Your Community

Help us grow!

Now that our awesome travel community is up and running, we need your help! With so many amazing local travel chapters getting started, we’re looking for engaged, travel enthusiasts to help us facilitate local meetups. Our Events Director, Erica, and I (unfortunately) can’t attend every meetup around the world (though we wish we could), which means we will need you to help us host and run events.

Remember, the whole point of The Nomadic Network is to combine our resources with your local expertise to build an awesome travel community that will help connect travelers and enable everyone to really make their travel goals a reality.

  • Do you have a passion for helping people see more of the world?
  • Are you often asked for travel tips and advice from people who haven’t figured out how to make their travel dreams real yet?
  • Are you often accused of “always vacationing” by the people in your life?
  • Do you drop everything you’re doing when someone has questions about their future travels? Even if you’ve never been to that destination before?

If you answered “yes” to any of those statements, you might be the perfect person to lead a chapter in your community.

We are looking for an extraordinary leader (or two) in each city to help us with these events. Chapter Leaders will plan, organize, attend, and host The Nomadic Network events in their community. The frequency of these will depend on the size and interest of the community, though we are hoping to at least eight events each year (twelve if we can!).

Chapter Leaders won’t be alone, of course — our Events Director will be working with you every step of the way to plan awesome, exciting, and engaging travel events.

So, what are we looking for in our Chapter Leaders? We want leaders who:

  • Have experience with organizing events
  • Have travel experience and/or a genuine passion for travel
  • Have an outgoing and engaging attitude
  • Are familiar with the Nomadic Matt brand
  • Have familiarity with their respective city and community

If this sounds like something you are interested in doing, simply fill the form below to start the process!


The Nomadic Network group taveling with a chapter leader leading them together up a mountain with the sunset behind them


  • Passionate about travel.
  • Passion about bringing the travel lovers in your community together.
  • Committed to hosting at least 8 meetups each year in your area (ideally, we would love you to host them once monthly, so 12).
  • Over 18 years old (at least one leader in each city the local legal drinking age).
  • Understand that our mission is to help people travel more (better, cheaper, and longer) and be able to represent that idea on our behalf.

Things to consider:

  • Why do I want to bring The Nomadic Network and travel-related events to my area?
  • What kind of impact could hosting these events have on my city and the travel-lovers (like me) in it?
  • Do I know people who would be eager to help me create these events?
  • What inspiring traveler(s) would I love to see speak in my community?
  • Why would I make a great leader?

What does it mean to take on being a TNN Chapter Leader?

  • You will run your cities’ chapter
  • You’ll let us know what you need and how TNN should look in your city.
  • You (along with your local team) will scout and pick great venues for TNN events every month. 
  • You’ll also get to choose inspiring local speakers who will talk about travel to your community, widening their perspective on what’s possible (we provide help when doing all of this).
  • The team at TNN and the Events Director will be there for you every step of the way… but you’re the local leader, expert, and representative for The Nomadic Network. 

How long are you committing to be a TNN Chapter Leader?

  • We’re certainly hoping to have you for a year, ideally. (It’s really not that long if you think about it!) Chapter-based groups thrive with consistency.
  • We hope that, eventually, chapters meet once a month (so 12 times a year), however, if you skip a month here and there – that’s okay. So the minimum number of events for the calendar year would be 8.

What’s involved in setting up a TNN event?

  • Finding a venue.
  • Sometimes finding a speaker or presenter most months (we can help with this).
  • Sharing about the event with your community (and on our website) at least 2 weeks before the event happens.
  • Documenting the event for the rest of us to see how it went!
  • Communicating with TNN staff every two weeks.
  • Plan on spending about 5-10 hours each month planning and attending TNN events in your community.

Will you get paid?

This is a volunteer position. However, by taking on a Chapter Leader position, you can get a ton of benefits:

  • Opportunity to lead and level up your expert status in your area’s travel community.
  • Chance to connect with inspiring speakers and presenters.
  • Leadership and organizational skills.
  • Being a part of the Nomadic Matt family.
  • New group of travel-obsessed friends in your area.
  • Free access to TNN events in any other region that you’re visiting.