Boston Brewery Meetup

Trillium Brewing Landmark Center, 401 Park Drive, Boston, MA

Enjoy a night drinking beer in this picturesque pop-up beer garden on the Esplande. Share stories with other travel lovers at the Owl’s Nest Beer Garden.

If you're new to The Nomadic Network, we bring the travel community together in real life with events like this one… and virtually. Connection is key – whether we’re traveling and while we’re at our home base. Our lives are shaped by the people around us. Think about it, has any person been the source of your love of traveling? Has anyone’s story inspired you to take some trip you weren’t planning on before? Has someone’s wise advice helped change your travel plans for the better? TNN hosts in-person meetups around the US and the world to connect travelers together so we can learn from each other and, in turn, travel more. Excited to welcome you into The Nomadic Network!