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Volunteer At An Event

Do you have a passion for traveling and community? 

Do you love to volunteer and make friends doing so? 

Do you love to support others and be part of a team?

If you answered “yes” to any of those statements, we’d love to invite you to volunteer for The Nomadic Network!

The Nomadic Network is a travel community aimed at bringing people together.

Each city in our network is considered a Chapter. Each Chapter has Chapter Leaders that put on monthly events.

Chapter Leaders are volunteers themselves and put in work behind the scenes to curate monthly events and activities for travel enthusiasts to enjoy. But they can’t put on these events by themselves. This is where you, the event volunteer, comes in!

If you’re looking for a great opportunity to network, add volunteer experience to your resume, and build your travel community locally — this is it!

What’s expected of me as a volunteer?

You may be assigned one of the following tasks by your Chapter Leader:

  • Greet and sign members in
  • Take photos or videos of the event on your phone
  • Set up & clean-up
  • Host or facilitate (for the people out there who love to speak publicly)
  • Help with anything else needed!

How often am I required to volunteer and how long will it take?

There will be an event in your area every 1-2 months, and you can volunteer at any of them based on your availability. The volunteer position is meant to be quick, fun, and flexible.

What are the perks of volunteering?

  • A new group of travel-obsessed friends in your area
  • Chance to connect with inspiring speakers and presenters
  • Opportunity to learn about event management
  • Being a part of The Nomadic Network and Nomadic Matt family!
  • Great volunteer experience to add to your resume

If you’d like to throw your name in the hat, click the button below and your local Chapter Leader will be in touch when they need you for an event.

P.S. If you’re feeling the call to take on an even bigger role in your local travel community, we encourage you to apply to be a TNN chapter leader! Learn more about becoming a Chapter Leader here.